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Gold Wing Road Riders Association Ohio District

The Ohio District of Gold Wing Road Riders Association prides itself in following the
leadership of our National organization. With 26 active chapters encompassing the state, our
members do not have to travel far to find a chapter to call home. Indeed many of our members
call multiple chapters home. They never have a shortage of fun gatherings to attend, fun places
to visit and fun people to be with.

The district itself is split into five sections with an Assistant District Director that helps
oversee the chapters in that section. Each of those sections puts on a Section Picnic every
summer and of course all are invited to that picnic. It’s a fun time for other members to visit
and get to know members from other chapters and sections. In addition to the section picnics,
the district puts on a summer rally known as Buckeye Rally held most often the third weekend
in June. Locations vary around the state simply because Ohio holds so much to see, so much
history, so many beautiful parks, so many great twisty scenic roads to travel. Why limit yourself
to one place when you can visit numerous places for even more fun. Summer means riding in
Ohio, each chapter completes a ride schedule for its members, but it is very common to find
another chapter joining in on a ride. The more the merrier.

Winter in Ohio doesn’t mean that Gold Wing Riders are doing nothing. There are dinner
rides, Holiday parties with your Gold Wing Family, and Safety Saturdays where guest speakers
come in to discuss safety issues, proper riding gear and techniques, even estate and retirement
planning. In mid-winter a Winter Rally held usually around the first week in February. Again
locations vary by the year because there are again so many beautiful places to visit and so many
other wonderful winter things to do. You never know what will happen at the winter rally, a
Family Feud is very common or the chance to solve a murder or a theft may occur. It’s mostly
just a chance to have some fun and relax for a winter weekend.

Any season in Ohio can bring Gold Wingers together; in the spring the different chapters
have Maintenance days to help get bikes ready for riding season. At any time of the year, there
can be training sessions in Leadership, Motorcycle Safety, and Medic First Aid CPR Classes
through GWRRA’s Medic First Aid Safety program and riding classes. Ohio prides itself on
offering at a low cost four different riding course sessions every May. These are put on by the
district Ride Educator and they are spread around the state to allow our members the
opportunity to improve their riding skills. Each session consists of an Advanced Riding Class for
2 wheelers and then a Trike Riding Class for those members who now ride three wheels instead
of two.

Ohio is blessed to have amazing gifted and dedicated trainers and instructors. No matter
if it’s a leadership seminar, a Medic First aid class or a riding course that needs to be given. Our
Ohio trainers will step up to make the training happen. We never have to be concerned if we
will have enough trainers or instructors to do the job. They are there waiting and willing to train
and our members flock to the classes no matter where they are given.
Friends for Sun, Safety, and Knowledge GWRRA Ohio District lives up to the motto in
every way possible.